Monday, March 2, 2015

Flea Market Thread Treasures!

A small find can influence my fiber art so easily! Two Dollars and this I-Cord Maker was mine! It is the best one I've found. Several late evenings watching a movie on the couch....and this I-Cord is mine!
I found the woven platter for some change. I use woven platters as toppers for round baskets filled with yarn as well as for project trays.
The clamp is used to hold the I-cord as it grows....I clamp the end of the cord, then wrap it around the clamp. I like the plastic from Lowes.....they are strong but lightweight......and, of course, my ever present Havel's Scissors.
I have some ideas for the I-Cord....but the fleeting ideas haven't quite formed into a thing quite yet.