Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pink Sock Monkey Fun

sock monkey on the operating table
When I was at the big Houston Quilt Festival last fall, I came across pink socks to make Pink Sock Monkeys. I have never seen pink ones before. I made two sock monkeys for my two grandaughters for Christmas.

The directions come with the socks and are very easy to follow. I used my sewing machine and a "lightning" stitch which is used for knit is sort of a slanted zig-zag stitch. Look! monkey matches my Havel's scissors.

I used a red marker to draw the shapes onto the socks. Then, I stitched before cutting out the various monkey parts.

use the side of the presser foot as a guide

I was careful to pin the sock so that my stitching was straight.

Olivia's Pink Sock Monkey
Here is Olivia's monkey posing with her several other presents made by me, Nana. I hand stitched the face details because she is only one and a half years old. The hat to the left of the monkey is a hat I designed and crocheted for her...a total ooak. Her monkey has a hat, too, with a little felt ball on the top.