Saturday, March 26, 2016

Big Thread Spool

I got a cable spool from a guy laying cable in our backyard...and,

because I love thread so much... I decided to transform it by making a spool label. My inspiration is this spool that I used for a cabinet pull on my notion cabinet.

So, I cut a big circle from a piece of wallpaper.....not the pre-pasted kind. I used the back of the wallpaper. Wallpaper is very strong and the back of it takes pencil and color really well. It was also the right color.

I drew my design and painted it with craft paint. I did this in an went very quickly.

I used tan Rit dye...just brushed it color the spool. When that dried, I glued the thread label to the top of the spool. For the "thread" I wrapped paper ribbon around the spool....I had yards of paper ribbon that required a storage solution..

My dress form had been standing on the, I decided to use the spool as a stand for my dress form. All I had to do was to pull the dress form stand off of the pole, put the pole through the spool and then put the stand back on under the spool.


One might think this project is finished...but that was before Lisa saw it....I'll be making hers next. She wants it in black.