Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Importance of Play!

PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! very important to me:

 As an artist, I have found that taking time out to explore an idea for a technique, subject matter or materials is an important element to my personal growth. Sometimes, an idea for a new technique is suggested by my lovely and shiny collections of threads, fabrics,beads and baubles. Sometimes the subject matter suggests the use of new materials. Sometimes a technique idea leads me to the subject matter and materials. It is a very merry go round!

Detail from "Ideas Take Shape"

The detail above is from a thread painting started on a play day. It actually is from a sketch of abstract ideas. The sketch was drawn as I traveled on an airplane to teach at a quilt show.

Sometimes, I will have a brilliant idea that turns out to be nothing.....but if I didn't take the time to explore it, I wouldn't know. Then, the cool thing happens! I find something different that would have never happened if I hadn't spent the time with the first, "not so brilliant" idea.

Gathered Textures, Colors and Forms are Inspirational

Sometimes the idea turns out to be a real spending enough time with the idea, I can explore the possibilities and expand the development of the idea. Every single idea or expansion of those ideas require lots of time spent playing with one idea after another. The results of this play time have become the basis for my art, my classes and the subject of my books and videos. Now, That is when play turns into a lot of work!.....sometimes it is very hard work!

Threadpainted Sampler published in an Issue of Quilting Arts Magazine

I have written and published three books ( "Thread Painting Made Easy", "All Beaded Up by Machine" and "Enhance Your Quilt- Embellish!" all published by AQS....the American Quilter's Society. This was the thrill of a lifetime! Since I was young, I was determined to publish my own needlework books. I have been so grateful for all the people who developed techniques and patterns and published their  books for me to read and learn!

I've produced Video Classes which are available at my store on Gumroad....go here to see! 

....and, most recently, I've created two thread painting classes on here to see!

Detail of an Experiment with Applique Mixed with Threadpainting

So, I would encourage you to schedule your own play days!
PLAY! is good for the soul and the artistic spirit!
.....and, Enjoy the Process!